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PocketFreemind 0.6.0 Final Released

20-10-2010. See Changelog for details.

PocketFreemind 0.6.0-Beta2 Released

January 19 2010. Note editing/viewing is updated, also some of the dialogs changed (icon, color, search). See Changelog for details. You could download it here.

PocketFreemind 0.6.0-Beta1 Released

January 15 2009 This updates include many things regarding behavior and user interface compare to 0.5. The main theme of this release is to make it behave closer to Desktop version of Freemind. See Changelog for details.

There are many new stuff both externally and internally in 0.6.0 that testing it ourselves quite overwhelming. So we decided to release this beta first.

It is already quite stable for daily use (still, as usual with free/open source software, we provide no guarantee, use it at your own risk), although there are still bugs here and there. We personally have been using it (and bugfixing it along the way :) ) for sometime and pretty happy with it.

You can download it here.

PocketFreemind 0.6 in Progress

October 26, 2008 Version 0.6 is on the work, we are looking to have a release soon. . It will feature a revamp user interface (soft key menu is back!) and some new features e.g: customizable node style, background node color, and lots of improvements and bugfixes. Checkout the screenshots here

Keyboard Shortcuts

July 11, 2008 Keyboard shortcuts have been in Pocket Freemind since version 0.1, but they've been undocumented this whole time. This recently came up as a feature request, so here is a list of keyboard shortcuts in Pocket Freemind:

  • Enter - creates a sibling node
  • Space - toggles expand and collapse of a node with children
  • I - creates a child node (aka insert a child node)
  • E - edits the current node
  • D - deletes the current node

Pocket Freemind 0.5 released!

June 9, 2008 Pocket Freemind version 0.5 has been released! There's a lot of new stuff in this version including support for icons and colors, support for notes, a few bug fixes, a new menu, and a new toolbar. See the Changelog for full details.

Pocket Freemind 0.2 released!

July 3, 2007 Pocket Freemind released version 0.2. This release includes the highly requested fix for adjusting the application window when the soft input panel (on-screen keyboard) is being used. Also included in this release is the ability to move nodes up, down, left, and right throughout the map. See the Changelog for full details.