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RaceToBeFTF » Page3

You decide that want to be the FTF after all and grab your GPS receiver. After downloading the coordinates for the cache to your GPS receiver, you grab your backpack and get in your car. You turn the key, the engine starts, and your car stereo resumes playing music at the deafening volume you left it at when you last drove. Once you get over the shock of the loud music, you lower the volume, turn on your headlights, and back the car out of your driveway.

After making a few turns, you are finally on a major road heading towards the geocache. You pass a shady looking convenience store, the only one open after dark in this town. There are a couple of menacing-looking figures hanging around outside of it. It seems like they're always there, and that's why you've never stopped at that store before.

Just a couple blocks past the store, you notice that your GPS receiver's screen is pitch black. Crap! The batteries are dead! You will need to replace them to find the cache, and you're certain you don't have any spares in your backpack.

What do you do?

If you turn around and go to the convenience store, go to page 2.

If you turn around and go home to look for batteries, go to page 25.

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