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Cursing, you make a U-turn and turn into the convenience store parking lot. The menacing-looking people hanging around the store stare at you. You get of your car, lock it, and walk by them as you enter the store. You quickly find some batteries and purchase them. As you exit the store and enter your car, you are still being stared at, but no one makes a move toward you. Happy to be done with that, you pull your car back onto the road.

Almost immediately, you see flashing red and blue lights in your mirror. Crap! You pull over and wait as a police officer walks up to your car. You roll down your window and the officer says that your car matches the description of a car used to burglarize some nearby houses. He asks for your driver's license, which you hand over. He then notices your backpack sitting in the front seat.

"What's in your bag?"

If you choose to show the officer what's in your bag, go to page 50.

If you refuse to tell the officer anything, go to page 67.

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