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Squelch v1.2

by Peter Carroll

How to play Squelch:

Each turn you must collect points or you lose all your points for that turn. This is a Squelch. To collect points, you may tap on any 1s, 5s, 3 of kinds, 123456s, or 3 pairs. You may then keep rolling or end turn. End Turn will save your points that turn. When a player reaches 5000 points the other player gets one more turn to win.


  • Ones - 100 points
  • Fives - 50 points
  • Three of a kind - 100x# on dice (Three ones are 1000 points)
  • Three pairs - 750 points
  • Straight (123456) - 1500 points
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Download Squelch

To download Squelch, click here.

How to register your copy of Squelch:

It's not actually possible to register Squelch at this time.

Please read this:

This game is shareware. This means that you may use the unregistered version of this game to evaluate it for purchase. If you like like the game, you can then purchase it for $5.00. You will receive the registered version of the game, as well as free updates. You may freely redistribute the unregistered version of this game, as long as it remains unmodified. You may not redistribute the registered version except to other devices owned by a registered user. Unlike most shareware programs, this game is not crippled in any way, nor does it expire after a time period. The only differences between the unregistered and registered versions are that the unregistered version contains a nag screen, and register users will automatically receive updates.

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